Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: Top 5 Deadly Tank Heroes in

The heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are very fun. Tank heroes usually play support roles, but some heroes don’t follow that rule. These are the five most powerful tank heroes. They can turn the tide of battle and even kill enemies by themselves.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: The Unbreakable Warrior (Gatotkaca)

Gatotkaca might not be the first hero that comes to mind for everyone, but don’t forget about him. His skills, which include Unbreakable and Blast Iron Fist, can change the game. With a full defence build, Gatotkaca can still do a lot of damage with his passive skill, Steel Bones. He is a powerful person because the more hits he takes, the harder he hits back.

Hylos: The Stronghold of Law

Hylos stands out because he is a tank and has a strong set of skills. He is a strong front runner because his passive skill Thickened Blood gives him extra HP. As long as he has the Ring of Punishment on, he does magic damage and slows down enemies’ movement and attack speed. Law and Order lets Hylos stop enemies who are trying to get away, and his ultimate, Glorious Pathway, lets him catch enemies quickly.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: The Baxia, or swift tortoise

Baxia is a great tank and roamer because he can move around and deal damage. He can quickly move around the map with Shield Unity, and Shield of Spirit does magical damage and lessens damage that comes at him. His passive skill, Baxia Mark, makes foes weaker while making his own defences stronger. With Tortoise’s Puissance, he can mess up the enemy back line, which makes him a very useful and dangerous tank.

The Minotaur: The Helpful Giant

For all that Minotaur is known for being helpful, don’t overlook him. Despair Stomp hurts enemies and slows them down, which makes him a great person to start a team fight. Motivation Roar, his healing skill, helps him and his friends. Minotaur is very sensitive to timing, and when he enters Rage State with Minoan Fury, he turns into a real monster that does a lot of damage and throws enemies off.

Edith: The Threat of the Hybrid

Edith is different because she is both a tank and a marksman. She is very dangerous in Mobile Legends because she is the only tank hero who can also shoot. Edith isn’t the most well-known tank, but her skills are very powerful just like ASIABETWEB. Onward and Earth Shatter work together to set up her ultimate, Primal Wrath, when she is in tank mode. When you switch to marksman mode, Edith’s Divine Retribution and Lightning Bolt do terrible magic damage that stuns enemies and kills them.

The battlefield is now more dangerous because of these tank heroes. They show that tanks can be both tough and deadly. Mobile Legends players should be careful of these strong tank heroes in the Land of Dawn. They can stand their ground and turn the tables.